Identity Crisis Welcomes “Classic Stanley” to the Family

We would like to officially welcome the Rocket League team “Classic Stanley” to the Identity Crisis Family!

This team has excelled tremendously in the past 6 months. We want to help them grow with us, and it is our goal to push these players as far as they are willing to go. The Classic Stanley team is well known and loved as entertainers and players. We are excited to bring this talent onto our roster list and hope that they feel at home with us.

22 years ago a wild King Wizard stepped out into the world. I’m a huge Rocket League fan if you couldn’t tell and am closing in on 2,000 hours and over 9 months of competitive play. If I’m not playing Rocket League (who am I kidding) then I’m most likely playing another hot new game or hanging out with friends.
I’m Pepiope, born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I am Senior CS major who just happens to be okay at Rocket League. When I’m not demoing you in Rocket League, you may find me outdoors playing sports, watching movies, or eating Philly Cheesesteaks.
Byrd Man is a student currently majoring in Computer Networking at a small college in South Carolina. His hobbies include playing guitar, reading, and missing open nets. He hopes to one day be on the best Rocket League team in the world. He finds writing about himself in the third person to be strange.

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